Smooth House Laser is a tranquil space where patients’ concerns are heard and addressed. Feel totally relaxed and pampered knowing you are in honest, professional and safe hands.

Laser Hair Removal

We provide laser hair removal treatments to remove unwanted hair, as well as solve ingrown hairs and pigmentation problems.


Microneedling is an effective treatment to help decrease pigmentation, scars and promotes skin tightening effects bodywide.

Body Contouring

The revolutionary EmSculpt machine yields fat loss and tones muscle in the process, yielding an estimated 25% decrease in treated areas.

Me Time & We Time Ideas

Please feel free to bring a friend, or gift a treatment.
Spread the joy. It’s an experience to share.

"Ness the Laser girl"

Vanessa A. Duarte

Laser Aesthetician

Vanessa A. Duarte is 38 years old with a degree in Nutrition/ Food Science and licensed in Laser Aesthetics. She is dedicated to anti aging, holistic techniques of aesthetics. Her passion is to help people transform into their best self.

"I love helping people transform into their best self. I am a former hospitality professional delivering Michelin rated quality in any field of work."


Our Happy Clients

It’s always our goal to thrill you with your experience, and your results!

I have hired Vanessa for so many events over the past 2 years. She has been great to work with and always goes above and beyond the expectation. I highly recommend her to any client that would like to hire a skilled laser esthetician.

Her movements are fluid and I feel comfortable with her because she knows what she' s doing.

Vanessa is great and she makes me feel great. My skin looks super healthy.

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